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Hey man was gunna ask for some advice in regards to staring a course on I&Graphics

Yeah sure, I feel as though from day one my tutors taught me to experiment… Keep experimenting until you find “your thing”. Now you thing can be anything that relates to your style of work, so for example my “thing” is interruption. I like to interrupt all my images, whether its with a collage, a movement in the image, with the focus being off, scratching the paper, drawing left handed etc. I have loads of different methods.

I no longer, desire to work in the area of Illustration and Graphics though, as my ex-tutors felt I would be better off doing Fashion Photography as that’s where my passion is! :)

I hope I have helped a lil bit man!

Just keep trying new techniques and DONT COPY ME! I’m not successful yet lol.


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Just got over 800 followers, thanks a lot! I will be posting more soon, I promise...
Got quite a bit of film to develop.
Did cool shoots with watermelonred and evexm, so yeah keep checking this page!
Thanks again for the support!
Jase x
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Can u draw a air max 1 modell?

Hi, erm yes, in different ways too… But i dont really want to be known to do such things tbh. I mean i want to be a Fashion Photographer/Creative Director, not just a guy who draws for request…

But yeah if you guys want me to draw air max’s then cool, like this post or message me.

Jase x

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